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30 features

These features would cost you thousands of dollars if built separately.

They are available at no extra charge with OnlineWeb4u.com.

You may be confused. How can this be done? You save money because OnlineWeb4u.com has spent the time and money to build these features so that all OnlineWeb4u.com users can use them. This means the thousands of dollars in development you would have to pay has already been paid for you. You get the savings.

example of the web page layout

example of the web page layout

example of the web page layout

Web Page

You get 10 great looking text with image(s) layouts and can change between layouts anytime.

example of the links layout with images on the left and links on the right

Links Page

You can add links to pages both inside and outside your site with just a few clicks.

  • Add headings to separate groups of links
  • Use this page to create subpages
  • Can optionally add images for each link

example of the photo albums layout with 5 thumbnails across each row

example of the photo albums layout showing larger image after you click on a thumbnail

Photo Albums

Showcase your photos in our preformatted albums. Your photos are shown in thumbnail form and when clicked on show the photo in full size with optional title and description.

  • Thumbnails are created automatically for you
  • Change the order of your photos anytime
example of the multimedia layout showing a video player


You can upload music, video, flash and other files to your site with just a few clicks.

  • Upload any file format
  • Have video or flash play right on your page
  • Create a page of links to download songs or video
  • Good for upload of ebooks, pdf forms and manuals
  • Store songs here so you can play background music on other pages
example of the custom feedback form layout showing questions on the left and answer boxes and options on the right

Custom Feedback Form

Collecting visitor feedback can help you enhance your site, products and services. You can also collect testimonials privately or generate ideas for your company, club or organization.

  • Field types:
    • text boxes for written out answers
    • multiple choice
    • drop-down menus
    • checkmark boxes
  • Submissions can be emailed to you automatically when received
  • A personalized email can be automatically sent when a submission is received
  • Submissions are stored on your site for easy access
example of the contacts layout with the bolded name at the top and additional info under for each contact

Contacts Page

You can list important people with their name, position/department, email and any other info you think is important.

  • Use this page to direct people to the correct person or department
  • Contacts are automatically formatted for you
example of the guest book layout which shows each guest comment, name and posting date

Guest Book

You can collect comments about your site with this page.

example of the recommend site layout which shows boxes to be filled for from/to for name and email as well as a place for comments

Recommend Site

Your visitors can refer others to your site by filling out a form that sends out an email. When you add this page, the form is automatically set up.

example of the message board layout which shows topic, creator, last poster and date of last post

Message Board

Message boards are great for discussing different topics, gathering info and fostering a sense of community among your members.

  • Login available for your regular members
  • Members have their own profiles and autosignature
  • Give Moderator status to a member to help you manage the page
  • Add, edit and delete posts or message threads
  • Lock messages to prevent further posts on the topic
example of the newsletter layout which shows links to each newsletter with a short preview and a place to sign up for an RSS feed

Mailing List/Newsletter

You can post several newsletters and then have them batch emailed to your subscribers.

  • Manage your subscribers right on your site
  • Your subscriber emails can be exported as a list
  • Newsletters are displayed by date
example of the questions and answers layout

Questions and Answers Page

Often you can answer your visitors' questions with an FAQ page on your site. Use this page to organize them.

  • Questions appear at the top and link to answers below
  • You can separate questions with headings
example of the redirect page layout showing where you need to enter the web address of where you wish to redirect visitors to

Redirect Page

You can link your site to pages outside your site right from your index. This is helpful when you wish to link your company's parent site or a related site.

example of the autoresponder layout which shows a text field for email in order to get the autoresponder message

Autoresponder Page

You can use this page to send out instruction guides and other material immediately after collecting an email. Emails are stored on your site so you can send promotional material to your visitors later.

example of the calendar layout which shows a grid for a month and links to events and other months


A calendar can be a helpful way to outline upcoming events. When an event is clicked on, more detailed info is shown about the event.

  • Advertise in-store or company events
  • For reservations, show booked off days
  • Display your club or organization's events and meetings
example of the articles layout showing links to articles in order from newest to oldest with a short summary under each article title

Articles Page

You can post several articles that will be automatically formatted on the page.

  • Publish a series of articles or journal entries
  • Use this page to post announcements
example of the coupons layout showing the coupon details and an image


To help draw customers to your physical store, you can create coupons that your visitors can print out and bring to your store.

  • Add your own images and text to each coupon
  • You can have several coupons on this page
example of the maps layout showing a Google map on the left and address info to the right


After you enter your address, a link to a map is automatically generated. You can then opt to post the map right on your page.

example of the quotes layout showing each quote italicized with the author info underneath

Quotes Page

You can display testimonials from your customers or showcase famous quotes or poems on your page.

example of the polling booth layout showing the question for the poll and the answers to choose from underneath

example of the polling booth layout's results page showing a horizontal bar graph to show how many times each response was selected

Polling Booth

To collect votes on various issues, you can add a poll that displays results in a bar graph.

  • 10 responses per poll
  • Old polls are archived
example of the hours of operation layout showing a table of open/close times for each day of the week

Hours of Operation

You can display your business hours conveniently for your customers.

example of the table of contents layout showing customizable text on the left and a page listing and image on the right

Table of Contents

You can show a listing of your pages in the index.

example of the press releases layout showing a link to each release and a summary underneath each link

Press Releases

You can publish several press releases that will be automatically formatted on the page.

  • Releases are organized by date
  • Good for company announcements


Shopping Cart:

example of the product thumbnails catalog layout showing products listed as thumbnails in a grid format

example of the catalog layout product description page including a drop down options menu and comment box

example of the product previews catalog layout showing an thumbnail image on the left and a short description on the right

example of the product list catalog layout showing text links only to each product

3 Catalog Layouts

Sell products and services right from your site. Your products are listed as thumbnails and/or links that can be clicked on to show more details and your cart buttons.

  • Add up to 3 images per product
  • Add up to 3 drop-down menus and 1 comment box per product
  • No coding
  • Space for 500 products
  • $1 for each 50 products upgraded

Integrated Shopping Cart

You can customize your cart to accept PayPal or credit card processing. You can also add taxes and shipping and handling to your order subtotals.

  • PayPal integration
  • Authorize.net integration
  • Save $450 in fees when setting up credit card processing
  • Cart buttons can be turned on or off

VeriSign Secure Certified

With our VeriSign Secure Certified cart, your customers will be worry free when buying products from you.

  • Save $500 by not having to buy your own secure certificate
  • Your cart displays your VeriSign Logo on the checkout pages

Other Features:

simple text editor to format text style, colors and alignment as well as to create links or lists

simple text editor that allows the same as above plus you can insert tables and images

HTML text editor

Text Editors

You can edit and format text with no code, but still have the flexibility to add code.

  • 2 text editors similar to a word processor
  • 1 text editor that allows you to add html or javascript
  • Switch between editors anytime

sample of a template

shows the template editor where you can make selections from drop down menus, upload images and choose colors for different elements of your design

Template Builder

You can change your template anytime to any of our pre-formatted templates. Or, you can customize your template with your own images, color choices and more.

image representing a person thinking about sending email


Your site comes with 5 emails that reflect your web address.

  • Add emails for just $1 more for each one
  • Staff can each get their own email
shows the image selector which has categories of images on the left and thumbnails of the images on the right

Stock Photos

You get access to over 2000 stock photos licensed from Hemera Images.

abstract image representing a domain name

Domain Name

You get a FREE domain name in the format name.onlineweb4u.com and you can opt to set up your own domain name (e.g. name.com) on your site.

Click here to see how easy it is to get your own domain name without onlineweb4u.com in it.

a list of pages appears with a text box on the right of each one to enter a password into

Password Protection

You can password protect single pages, groups of pages or your whole site.

  • Manage all your passwords on one handy page
  • Prevent access to your site during construction
  • Give wholesalers access to special prices
  • Give staff or members access to special pages
a collection of logos of some of marketing partnerships including Google and Yahoo


You have a great looking site, now, how do you get people to visit it? Your site comes with tons of tips, free services and tools.

  • FREE 90 day trial of Submitnet search engine optimization
  • FREE info on the best marketing tools researched and recommended by our marketing team
  • Customize meta tags for all pages on your site on one handy page
  • Tips on improving your search engine ranking.